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Andrew Welch

How we measure value can unlock the great challenges of our time. Ecological economics is brought to life through stories and fascinating history. Even fiction book clubs love discussing these works.

Bio: Andrew Welch is a speaker, facilitator, disaster management leader, theatre director, experiential educator, town crier, and SAR instructor, to name a few of his (mostly volunteer) pursuits. He formed his first company (Caduceus Medical Software) in 1984, and now operates Intellact, an entity whose projects are as diverse as his interests. He was most widely known for creating WattPlot, a software suite sold around the world for monitoring renewable energy systems (now free). Andrew ‘retired’ just before 40, when he learned that retirement does not mean you have to stop working. Instead, it can mean that you stop doing what you don’t want to do, you no longer take on long-term work commitments, and you are free to do your own thing for extended periods. Like writing a book. Or two.

Literary Inspiration: Great thinkers & personal experiences

Genre: You might call it “speculative non-fiction” – the Malcolm Gladwell of number-based and human value systems.         
Writes for: Adults


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