Liana Cancian

Liana Cancian

A mother of 4 whose life took a profound turn after having a child with special needs. Her daughter’s diagnosis redirected her life’s purpose towards advocacy and inspiring resilience and hope.

Bio: Liana’s journey unfolds when her life takes a profound turn when she embraces her true calling as a devoted wife and mother to four children, one of whom required care. The turning point came with the diagnosis of her special needs child, redirecting her life’s purpose. From that point forward, she devoted herself tirelessly to advocating for her daughter’s well-being while juggling the demands of a bustling household.

Her story, a blend of perseverance and hope, resonates deeply and is on various podcasts and within special needs communities, offering glimpses of both adversity and inspiration. Despite encountering life’s challenges, Liana finds solace in actively engaging in her community and inspiring others through her journey of discovering hope in the face of darkness.

Literary Inspiration: Leaving a lasting legacy for her children

Genre: Memoir/ biography     Writes for: Teens and adults


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