William Robertson

A watercolour painter who enjoys painting landscapes and city scenes.

Bio: William acquired his passion for visual arts at a young age. His mother was a talented oil painter and his father was a gifted artist, drawing in pencil and charcoal. They introduced William to painting and drawing as a boy, and supported his passion for painting throughout their lives. In grade 3, his school selected him to attend a special art program, which included one student from each school in North York. Every Wednesday they got together and enhanced their skills in painting, drawing, sculpture and clay. As an adult, William enjoys painting landscapes and city scenes from  family trips, and has been working to improve his loose watercolour painting inspired by the world’s top master watercolour artists.

Artwork Inspiration: Photos and scenes from family trips

Mediums: Watercolour

Hockley Stream
Lake Mazinaw 2
St. John's Harbour
Niagara Falls
Lake Mazinaw
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