Susan Gesner

A non-fiction writer who shares heartfelt stories about playing the fiddle, casting a fly rod, dogs and all the joys that life throws at her.

Bio: Susan is an environmental consultant who wrote a long standing blog on her website about things that had NOTHING to do with her professional work. Though she tried to shift the focus to include facilitation tricks or workshop design tips, she invariably ended up writing about things in her life that delighted her. So with the encouragement of another local author, Nicola Ross, Susan found herself neck deep in writing a book!

Susan is also a fiddler, guitar player, fly fisher and more. She loves music, catch and release fishing, her children (and her dog) and traveling as far and as wide as possible. You will find these passions celebrated throughout her stories.

Literary Inspiration: From the small daily joys!

Genre: Non-fiction, short stories     Writes for: Adults 


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