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S.V. Filice

A fictional world builder who enjoys dabbling in new magic when writing fantasy and dystopian novels that test the bonds of sisterhood and political hierarchy.

Bio: Samantha-Victoria is a young-adult fantasy and dystopian writer. A storyteller in childhood, a reader in her youth, and a writer in her teens, SV Filice attended the University of Toronto to study Professional Writing as well as Culture, Communications and Information Technology. Filice currently lives in Toronto as a proud dog sister and is patiently waiting for her Chose One prophecy to begin.

Check out her debut series, Moral Bloodlines, for a NA Urban Fantasy, and her standalone novel Caged By Steel & Gems if you’re a lover of Dystopian Fiction.

Literary Inspiration: Reading about other worlds

Genre: Fantasy fiction, dystopian science fiction, contemporary    Writes for: Teens


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