Rosie Schroder

Rosie loves creating works in many styles and mediums. Her subject matter, which ranges from landscape, still life to portraiture, usually determines style and medium.

Bio: Farm life sensitized Rosie to the infinite variety of colours, textures, sights, sounds etc. that became the initial inspirations impelling her to create. She remembers as a child, her Dad showing her how to draw a horse. Doodling in her school books was a common occurrence.

At age 14, Rosie took her first oil painting class at night school. Though art was always an integral part of her life, it wasn’t till mid-career that she enrolled at the Ontario College of Art and Design University for formal training. She has continued to further her artistic life via workshops with many noted Canadian artists such as John Leonard, Lila Lewis-Irving, Margaret Roseman, Ernestine Tahedl, Mary Ann Bloom, Andrew Sookrah and more.

When asked why she paints, she says, “It’s an inexplicable urge that I must satisfy just as I must breathe“.

Artwork Inspiration: Purely visual or emotional

Mediums: Acrylic, charcoal, mixed media, oil, pencil, coloured pencil photography, watercolour and encaustic

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Big Doe Lake, Ontario
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