Butterfly Bazaar
Robyn Gram-Barclay

Robyn Gram-Barclay

An acrylic and watercolour painter who loves capturing nature, marine life
and using a plethora of colour!

Bio: Robyn Gram-Barclay is an art teacher of nearly two decades, practicing artist, and award-winning author and illustrator. Her love for art began in a hospital activity room when she held her first paintbrush as a toddler. She attained her BFA from York University in Studio Art (2000) and went on to become a Crayola Cruise Representative for Royal Caribbean International (2003), a Montessori Teacher (2005) and ultimately got her Bachelor of Education in 2008 to teach Art and has since been guiding artists of all ages.

She is currently the Canadian Crayola Creativity Ambassador for the National Art Education Association (USA). Ms. Gram-Barclay’s My Good Friend, Ted! picture book series has won two awards for children’s literature. Her small business venture is: A Little Touch of Colour.

Artwork Inspiration: Nature and marine life

Mediums: Acrylic, watercolour, and mixed media

A Thirst for Life
Winter Wonderland
Butterfly Bazaar
Ruby Sunset
Autumn Beauty
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