Peter Thomas Pontsa

Writing action-packed crime-fiction, Peter skillfully weaves historical and current events into his books providing plenty of international political intrigue and espionage.

Bio: As part of Peter Thomas Pontsa’s career in the dental field, he wrote techno-clinical articles for various dental journals and was an associate publisher for a denturist magazine. After retiring, he decided to develop his creative writing side and took a course at the University of Waterloo on Advanced Fiction Writing. He is a British sports car enthusiast who spent two seasons racing with Jagged Edge Motorsports, a former president of the Headwaters British Car Club and a student of taekwondo with a second-degree blackbelt.

He has always been an avid reader and wanted to try his hand at writing fiction which is a lot more exciting than writing dry dental facts. His ever-growing interest in ancient history prompted him to write an action story mixed with controversial historical facts.

Literary Inspiration: Reading books about current and historical events

Genre: Crime-fiction, action, international and political intrigue     Writes for: Adults


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