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M.J. Moores

A young adult sci-fi/fantasy author who enjoys writing adventure stories; journeys that extend both outward and in as the characters explore their emotional gamut.

Bio: Growing up in Ontario, Canada, M.J. was the only child of a single mom. Her passion for the arts ignited at a young age as she wrote adventure stories and read them aloud to close family and friends. The dramatic arts became a focus in high school as an aid to understanding character motivation in her writing. Majoring in Theatre Production at York University, with a minor in English, she went on to teach both elementary and high school for 10 years throughout Simcoe County.

M.J. has written 4 different series and over 16 novels/novellas including the Chronicles of Xannia, Shadow Phoenix, D.E.M.ON. Tales, and the Flawed Attraction Romances. Her passion is writing upper YA speculative fiction. She keeps busy these days helping coach Indie Authors through the self-publishing journey.

Literary Inspiration: Drawn from all walks of life

Genre: Young adult, science fiction, fantasy/urban fantasy, and romantic suspense     Writes for: Teens


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