MishCa Art & Craft House

Artists who fabricate unique handmade organic papers made of vegetal, fruits and natural fibers
and paint on them using different techniques.

Bio: MishCa Art and Craft House is a family-owned art project founded in 2018 in Bolton, ON, by new Canadians Iuliia Mishanina and Gina Cabezas.

Gina, the paper designer/maker, manufactures unique, organic papers with 20 years of experience in Ecuador. Iuliia, the artist, with her technical and creative skills acquired in Russia, paints on them using different techniques following meticulously each paper’s textures and colours. Their love for nature is reflected in their paintings on organic paper, which often feature landscapes and wildlife.

MishCa’s mission is to promote in the community the principles of reuse, reduce, and recycle, innovating and respecting the environment. Mishca offers workshops, lessons, custom paintings: landscapes, portraits, crafts, holiday/gift cards

Artwork Inspiration: Canadian wildlife and nature

Mediums: Oil and watercolour

Summer Morning
Flight of Freedom
Bears in the Forest
Bear Cub
Textures of Papers
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