Miles Cohen

An artist whose works integrate an interest in the abstract with a deep environmental sensitivity, making use of the discards and castoffs from both the natural and manufactured worlds.

Bio: Miles Cohen is a retired psychiatrist with a lifelong interest in all art forms but with a primary interest in modern art. Originally, his works focused on the castoffs and discards from nature such as bark and plant seeds, now his works also include captivating multimedia works of discarded man-made items such as styrofoam, plastics, and store receipts. He incorporates these items with acrylic paint to cast the unwanted in an appealing, surprising and often humorous light. He brings a truly creative twist to today’s mantra of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Artwork Inspiration: From being an environmentalist

Mediums: Mixed media and 3D sculpture

Manitoba Maple Bark
Morning Walk
Newspaper Bags
Rhonda Paper Napkins
Plastic Sculpture
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