MaryLou Hurley

Experimenting with mosaic art and the endless potential of found objects as her raw material has developed into a creative passion for MaryLou as both instructor and artist at True Blue Lou Studio.

Bio: As a self-taught mixed media mosaic artist, for the last 25 years, MaryLou has embraced a unique approach to creating mosaics. She practices the traditional technique of ‘andamento’, carefully placing rows of tesserae to establish visual flow, but as a contemporary artist, she relishes breaking free from classical rules. The sheer joy of discovering new textures, colours, and possibilities of mixed media, fuels her passion for artistic expression.
She invites and challenges viewers to explore her unusual use of canvas such as mannequins and guitars, her unique tesserae and colourful details, their textures and movement; to interpret and to discover a story of their own. Most often they will detect a provocative metaphor and find pleasure in the unexpected!

Artwork Inspiration: The stimulating abundance of beauty in nature

Mediums: Mixed media, sculpture and mosaic art

Birch Forest
On the Birch Trail
Turtle Islands
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