Marilyn Boyle Taylor

An emerging historical romantic suspense writer who brings environments to life,
Marilyn Boyle Taylor also loves exploring poetry and song in her words.

Bio: Dream’s End is Marilyn Boyle Taylor’s first historical romance suspense novel. It was inspired by the Gray Lady of the Sea, Nantucket, where she was a year-round resident for a period of time, and, as is the myth, it never let go its hold upon her.

She now lives in Caledon and is a member of the League of Canadian Poets, the Canadian Authors Association and SOCAN as a lyricist. Her poetry, journalism, and songs have appeared in the Eastern Iowa Review, Hysteria, In the Hills, Biline, Fresh Voices, and Celebrating Canadian Women: Prose and Poetry About Women, among others. She performed readings and interdisciplinary works at many venues, such as Music Gallery, Western Front, Literary Storefront, and The Rivoli, including a one woman show, ESSENTIA at the ARC gallery.

Literary Inspiration: Landscape, emotion and sense of place

Genre: Fiction, short stories, poetry and songwriting            Writes for: Adults 


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