Marcella Penny Kowalchuk

“Know Yourself, Know Your Environment, and Value Time”. These 3 insights are woven into Marcella’s writing to guide and encourage readers as they navigate the days ahead.

Bio: Marcella was born on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia and with her family immigrated to Canada when she was a young child. Her formative years were spent in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, where she attended elementary and high school.

In her first, published book High School Here I Come ~ Preparing for the journey, she shares practical wisdom, insights from her own experiences and lessons passed on from her parents and family to offer readers guidance on the choices and decisions that they can face during these years. Marcella engages with young adults delivering workshops that help to prepare them for their transition to high school, post-secondary academic institutions and the working world. Through her work, Marcella is committed to inspiring others to go into the world to do great things

Literary Inspiration: Belief that with God all things are possible.

Genre: Non-fiction     Writes for: Teens


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