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Lynda Watson

A dynamic writer who shares wisdom from the heart for the heart and because of the heart. Not held to one genre or format of expression, her work offers reflections of life’s present moments.

Bio: Lynda finds that in her creativity she is becoming effortlessly herself and sharing what seeks to be shared. Expressing ideas and capturing them in form, shared without judgement, is a pursuit of inner growth. She makes her home just outside of Toronto, Canada in the lovely town of Bolton. She is the founder of Equine Leadership magazine and host of the Inspire Me Forward podcast. She freelances as a coach in the field of Equine Facilitate Learning, but you might just find her sitting with the horses sharing time and space.

As seen from most of her literary works, she believes the horse’s model of living is a gateway to personal, community, and global change. A brighter future so to speak. She looks forward to continuing to share her heart in both her writing and photography projects.

Literary Inspiration: Horses, nature, humanity, and my own heart

Genre: Non-fiction, motivational, self-help, biography   Writes for: Adults


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