Lucent Glass and Art

A stained glass art supply store and open studio space located in downtown Guelph.

Bio: Lucent Glass is a stained glass art supply store with a vision to share glass art with the Guelph community and surrounding area. Our goal is to create a supportive space for new and seasoned artists to grow in their craft. In addition to our physical store, we offer a full e-commerce website and ship all supplies including glass all across Canada and the USA.

Lucent means to glow with or give off light. Stained glass has an innate quality of wonder right from when it’s being manufactured too when it’s made into art. Stained glass allows you to decorate your windows by not blocking out the light but readily welcome it in. Our goal is to provide people with the knowledge or products that will create an eye-catching statement.

Inspiration: All humans are innately creative and we help people discover their creativity through glass!  

Services Offered

  • Stained glass art supplies
  • Studio memberships
  • Creative workshops
  • Art glass repairs
  • Custom designs
  • Art & gifts


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