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Lisa Tasca Oatway

Lisa Tasca Oatway

Lisa merges her love of reading with her Canadian pride to create a series of children’s novels
to educate and entertain young readers

Bio: Lisa Tasca Oatway was born and raised in Toronto, but currently makes Caledon, Ontario her home for over twenty years. From a young age, she has loved to read for both entertainment and education. The idea to share her love of Canadian heritage with young audiences was first nurtured while raising her family, where she would encourage her children to make up stories on trips travelling to beautiful destinations. Lisa would embellish the stories with her own details, and hence the idea of the Blue Crescent Moon series was hatched.

She now has time to devote to her story-telling after retiring from the corporate world where she was a project manager in the finance and software industries. 

Literary Inspiration: Life experiences and observations

Genre: Fiction, fantasy     Writes for: Children


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