Katharine Loucaidou

Katharine Loucaidou

A seasoned educator, business coach and entrepreneur, demystifies AI in AI Secrets for Unstoppable Business Success & Life Hacks, making it accessible for everyone.

Bio: Katharine Loucaidou, M.Ed, is an accomplished business, mindset and transformation coach, international speaker, and author, known for her dedication to empowering entrepreneurs and leaders. Her expertise ranges from university professor roles to thriving entrepreneurial ventures, building a strong foundation from Europe to Canada in education and business innovation. Katharine’s writing reflects her commitment to helping others embrace the power of mindset and innovation, particularly through the practical application of AI in business and personal growth. Her latest work, AI Secrets for Unstoppable Business Success & Life Hacks, aims to make AI accessible and beneficial for all, showcasing her ability to translate complex concepts into actionable strategies.

Literary Inspiration: Resilience, growth, and transformation

Genre: Non-fiction, business     Writes for: Adults


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