Jorge Nascimento

Crafting unique artworks with salvaged electronics, his creations are one-of-a-kind and impossible to duplicate.

Bio: Jorge, an epoxy artist, merges technology with creativity, crafting unique artworks with salvaged electronics. Epoxy resin forms the foundation of his creations, shaped by his expertise and vision.

Over years of experimentation, Jorge has honed techniques to manipulate epoxy, achieving diverse shapes, textures, and colors. His commitment to sustainability is evident in his upcycling ethos, sourcing materials from discarded electronics to breathe new life into his creations. His journey from salvaging computer parts to advocating for upcycling underscores his dedication to merging art with environmental stewardship.

Artwork Inspiration: Nature, architecture, sustainability

Mediums: Mixed media

Algonquin Cedars
Coywolf Coffee
Lily Pond
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