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John Steckley

A non-fiction writer who also enjoys writing short stories, almost all of them having surprise endings.

Bio: John Steckley has a PhD in Education and two degrees in Anthropology. He taught at Humber College for 30 years and worked for five years as the Tribal Linguist for the Wyandotte Nation of Oklahoma. He has written 24 books, 23 of them non-fiction. This includes textbooks in Indigenous Studies, Sociology and Anthropology. Most of his books are about the language, history and culture of the Wendat (Huron)/Wyandot people. He has also written two books about animals: Parrots – The Flock Among Us and Gibbons – The Invisible Apes.

Currently he is revising for the next edition two of his textbooks. He is also writing a good number of short stories, 70 so far in 2021.

Literary Inspiration: Walking his two dogs

Genre: Non-fiction, romance, science fiction and poetry            Writes for: Adults and teens


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