Janice Quirt

A photographer who enjoys contrast and hidden moments in life around small town Ontario.

Bio: With a camera fully loaded with fresh film, the best kind of creative Gr. 7 teacher set Janice Quirt loose in downtown Toronto on a field trip to capture images of interest.

Anything and everything turned out to be a pair of friendly security guards in front of Osgoode Law School. A row of iron railings leading to a venerable hall at University of Toronto. Marie the Children’s Clown taking a catnap in a lawn chair in a sunny park corner.

Moving into a career in writing and communications, the visual element has always been part of Janice’s passion. As a writer for In The Hills magazine and Communications Specialist with Huntington Society of Canada, she works closely with other creatives to help select images for publications and social media.

Artwork Inspiration: Colourful nostalgia

Mediums: Photography

Nostalgic Doors
Light in Nature
Tree Emotions
Blurry Beach
The Wait
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