Jada Milne

Jada Milne

A painter, illustrator and graphic designer who enjoys painting with acrylic on canvas

Bio: Krystle is a Caledon, Ontario artist working in oils and watercolours. Inspired by the local landscapes of the area, her paintings are informed by a collective imprint of the landscape that has influenced her life since early childhood.

Inspired by the changing seasons in the Caledon area, she loves painting the emotion in both the land and the sky. Painting in studio or en plein air in the surrounding farmer’s fields, she also often stops on the side of the road to take reference photos for painting.

Krystle is a graduate of Fine Art at York University in Toronto, Ontario, in 2004 with a BA in Visual Arts and a Master’s in Art History from Western University, in London, Ontario in 2008.

Artwork Inspiration: Local landscapes, emotion in clouds, flowers, life

Mediums: Oil and watercolour

Boardwalk at
Island Lake
on Linen
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