Fatima Learn

An Artist who paints primarily with acrylic on canvas, using a painterly manner
to try and tell a story about everyday items, actions or sceneries.

Bio: Fatima studied Visual Arts, graduating from Package and Graphic Design. Painting became a passion and introduced her to art groups, exhibitions and lifetime friendships which lead her into Museum and Gallery Studies. 

Her creative approach is to look for influences that can prompt a feeling or make a statement. Fatima applies visual harmony and composition when she paints still life, abstract or landscape and likes to study people and her surroundings to find inspiration. Most of Fatima’s artwork is of everyday items, actions or sceneries that people might normally take for granted. Her intent is to make them noteworthy through painting a different perspective which represents a narrative for her. She hopes the artwork evokes a story of significance for the viewer that they can value also.

Artwork Inspiration: Any everyday item or scene

Mediums: Acrylic and oil

Black Diamond
First Place
Huron Sunset
Sunrise in Vaughan
The Great Escape
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