Erin FitzGibbon

A photographer inspired by the writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Her work seeks to capture beauty
in the simple act of existence. Each moment is exactly as it should be.

Bio: Erin’s past informs artwork. She uses a mix of teachings from different cultures including transcendental concepts to make positive statements about the world and educate individuals about topics affecting women and trauma. Transcendental concepts of beauty and perfection in the simple act of existence permeate all of her work. We often lose sight of that which is wonderful in this world. Social media inundates us with the negative, like war and oppression. So much of our communication is through impersonal faceless posts from the internet. In a world where we can share more, we are communicating less that is meaningful. Through personal hardship, Erin has learned that each difficult moment leads back to beauty if we persevere and make an effort to find it.

Artwork Inspiration: Nature, spirituality and trauma

Mediums: Mixed media and photography

Finlay Point
Rattlesnake Point
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