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Don Norris

Ontario Riding With Attitude is a memoir of learning how to ride a motorcycle at age 16 and several experiences as part of a motorcycle club.

Bio: Don Norris is an eighty year old Caledon resident who started riding a motorcycle in 1958. He became president of Satan’s Choice; a motorcycle club that eventually became part of Hells Angels MC.

Literary Inspiration: On “Riding With Attitude”, it began when an aunt died and her son sent Don memorabilia of his grandfather who died and was buried during WWI in Belgium. Family members’ letters painted a picture of life and prejudices of the times. Don decided it would be a good idea to write something to describe his life to his grandchildren. It started off slow, but soon became a book describing how a motorcycle gang more or less raised him. Later in life, Don was in a reserve unit of the army and decided to interview Canadian Army veterans for their stories during WWII. That culminated into his second book “Comrades”.

Genre: Non-fiction historical                                        Writes for: Adults


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