Diya Ratti

An artist, who always endeavors to create artwork which seeks to express valuable morals
through each and every stroke of colour.

BioDiya Ratti is a young emerging artist studying at Mayfield S.S. in Caledon. Her love for art began at early age before starting school. Throughout the years, Diya’s interest in art grew and her family and teachers always encouraged her passion. Today, using the knowledge about her cultural background, Diya develops her work based on traditions, sacred teachings and the ancient styles of Indian art. She is also a strong activist in female empowerment, which she is passionate to address within her art through a metaphorical manner.

As an artist, Diya hopes that everyone is able to take away a new learning from her art and understand the greater depth that exists within it.

Diya continues to practice her skills and aspires for her artwork to be recognized by all individuals globally.

Artwork Inspiration: My ethnicity and my family

Mediums: Acrylic, charcoal, mixed media, pastel, pencil / coloured pencil, photography, sculpture (3D) and watercolour

Shri Mahakali
The Animal
Within Me
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