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Dianne Narrol

Dianne Narrol

The characters in her books have been described as “colourful, intriguing, and downright funny”. Her readers root for her characters, where they become invested in their welfare.

Bio: Dianne is a writer, graphic and visual artist, and has dabbled in music all her life. She has always described her obsession with creativity as the air she breathes in order to survive. She has a love for the planet and has travelled the world. She considers herself a tree-hugger and environmentalist.

She wrote her first book, Prehistoric Journey: The First Expeditions in 2004 and fourteen months later it was published by Double Dragon Publishing (DDP). Her books that follow in a series were also published by DDP, now available for purchase on Fiction4ALL and Amazon.

She has a diploma in Graphic Design, BA, BEd and MA.

Literary Inspiration: The human condition

Genre: Adventure/Sci-Fi    Writes for: Adults


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