Deanna Tiberi

A mixed-media artist who strives to recreate exactly what the eyes see,
and what a photograph cannot.

Bio: Starting young as a developing artist, Deanna has always had a passion for art and loved to create in many media. She had the opportunity to attend Mayfield Secondary School for the Visual Arts program, where she thrived in learning many different art styles and techniques and had the chance to try it all.

Having an enriching experience, she takes everything she’s learned, and continues to learn through self-learning, and creates for herself and for others. Deanna ranges from many media and styles, from oil and acrylic on canvas, watercolour, pencil, pen and ink, markers, lifelike and cartoon figures, and most recently sculpting and Procreate.

Artwork Inspiration: Nature, imagination, and others

Mediums: Acrylic, charcoal, mixed media, oil, coloured pencil/pencil, watercolour and sculpture (3D)

Winter Cardinal
The Creation of the Ring
Mother and cubs
Mazinaw Lake
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