David McRae

The writer’s audience is ages pre-school to grade 10. Themes include mystery, historical fiction/non-fiction and fantasy in magazines, local writing contests and book publications.

Bio: During a 35-year teaching career, this writer aimed to develop a “creative spark” in his grade 8 students’ imaginations by sharing/reading/writing activities that often included first drafts of his current writing projects from his own classroom, as a volunteer in a local Caledon school, and through events sponsored by the Caledon Public Library.

Upon retirement, he participated for over 10 years in a Headwaters local writing group which promoted their work through local readings sponsored by the Dufferin Arts Council and created a self-published anthology of their collected works (memoirs, short stories, plays, and poetry).

His latest unpublished work is a collection of memories from growing up in small towns in Ontario in the 1950s and 60s, “Stories from a Small Town”.

Literary Inspiration: 35 years of teaching students

Genre: Mystery, historical fiction novellas/non-fiction historical mini- biographies, short stories           Writes for: Children and teens


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