Cory Trépanier

Cory Trépanier was an oil painter who captured the Canadian landscape on canvas and film while exploring remote parts of our natural world.

Bio: Cory Trépanier was a Canadian landscape painter and filmmaker who started by painting in his Caledon backyard. Known for encouraging artists to fearlessly follow their creative dreams, he urged his audience to connect with nature as a source of inspiration and self-discovery.

He eventually grew to international recognition for his oil paintings and documentary films that explored the ever-changing Canadian Arctic. Trépanier’s work implores the viewer to internalise the urgency of preserving our natural world by centering environmental preservation and indigenous stewardship of these ancient lands.

Artwork Inspiration: The Canadian Arctic, Caledon, Great Lakes

Mediums: Oil, coloured pencil/pencil and film

Great Glacier
Winter Warmth
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