Angela van Breemen

A writer of paranormal crime-fiction thrillers. The psychics in Angela’s stories work with restless souls, both alive and dead, to find answers to their own deaths or that of their loved ones.

Bio: Angela van Breemen is a graduate of the University of Guelph with a degree in management economics and was co-owner of a dental supply company. After selling the company, she turned her focus to writing, music, and volunteering her time as a website admin at a Procyon Wildlife.

Her first novel, Past Life’s Revenge – A David Harris and Emma Jackson Mystery, is a crime thriller with a twist of spiritualism. She is an avid writer of poetry and a soprano soloist. In April of 2024 she launched her debut album, In The Breeze. Celtic inspired, it includes three original pieces of music, based on her poetry.

Angela is currently writing book two in the David Harris and Emma Jackson Mystery Series which she expects to complete later this year. She also plans to publish a book of poetry.

Literary Inspiration: Being outside in nature, particularly in the forest

Genre: Crime-fiction, supernatural, paranormal, mystery, poetry                                   Writes for: Adults


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