Andrea Gregory

Worked in watercolour from a young age, and has progressed to acrylic and oil, still applying the same watercolour techniques of complementary colour mixing to create hues of natural colour.

Bio: Andrea has always loved art from a young age and was encouraged to try many different mediums and pursue her interest by her parents. She loves to work with colour and colour mixing to create really realistic hues of colour in her works.

Andrea loves to work in acrylic for its fast dry time and ability to capture detail, but also loves oil paint for it’s easy blending and texture. She often will under-paint in acrylic and finish in oil, using a gesso in between layers. She enjoys painting all subject matter, from portraits, architecture, landscape, to wildlife and pets. She also enjoys teaching and breaking down the techniques and brushwork used to paint. Andrea always finds herself noting things that work for her when she’s painting, to pass on to others.  

Congratulations to Andrea for the honour of having her artwork featured on the Town of Caledon’s 2021 holiday card. Andrea’s, Colours of Snow, was displayed on holiday cards sent to Town Staff offering greetings for a wonderful holiday season and appreciation for their help and support. The artwork can be viewed below in her gallery of artwork.

Artwork Inspiration: My Dad

Mediums: Acrylic, oil, pencil, coloured pencil, alcohol ink and watercolour

Albion Hills
First Beach Day
Colours of Snow
Caledon Farm
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