A. J. Trueman

An artist who uses a variety of mediums to express themselves, their characters, stories, and many themes/messages.

Bio: They’ve been drawing since they could hold a pencil; and feel they were born with the need to create.

He started with watching drawing tutorials online to better himself and now creates his own characters and stories. They often experiment with different mediums and styles to make an array of pieces, have their own webcomic, Escape Akshara (on Webtoon), and spend the vast majority of their time thinking about and creating art.

They view their art as a reflection of themselves; their wants, likes, passions, experiences, as well as their identity. There are some pieces that are about aesthetics they like, others that they make for fun, and others to represent who they are and what they feel. Overall they hope to continue to make art for the rest of their life as it is everything to them.

Artwork Inspiration: Their friends, cats, and personal experiences

Mediums: Acrylic, mixed media, pastel, coloured pencil/pencil, watercolour, gouache, digital art and alcohol-based markers

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